The Two Most Common Types of Pond Pumps on the Market Today

Owning a property that includes a pond, stream, or other water feature can be satisfying and pleasant. On the other hand, having ownership of such an asset can also make it necessary to see to certain associated needs and requirements.

In some cases, it will be best to add a pump to an aqueous feature for any of a variety of reasons. Whether to better aerate the water to improve its quality or to keep a small stream or waterfall flowing well, pumps regularly end up solving important problems for property owners. As a look here will reveal, there are always plenty of options to consider.

Many Kinds of Pumps on the Market

In fact, there are now more pumps designed for these kinds of duties than at any time the past. As a result, those who find themselves shopping for such products sometimes end up feeling a bit overwhelmed. In practice, however, it will normally be sufficient to focus on those pumps which fall into the most appropriate category. The types of pumps that are most often suitable to particular applications include:

  • Submersible. Pumps that are meant to be submerged at all times must be carefully designed to support that type of duty. In practice, that will mean sealing any and all electrical elements such that water can never work its way inside. A submersible pump must also be able to withstand a given amount of pressure on its purely mechanical parts, lest failures become too common. As a result of these requirements and restrictions, most submersible pumps are fairly compact and not meant to move especially large volumes of water. Even so, such products regularly end up being perfectly well suited to particular projects and situations.
  • External. Many other pumps are meant to be permanently mounted on dry land or another space above the waterline. In this case, the pump will draw water from a hose or similarly extensible means of access. Because engineers have much more leeway when designing external pumps, higher capacities and head pressures are common among such products compared to the submersible options.

An Investment That Can Easily Pay Off

Purchasing and installing an appropriate type of pump often proves to be the best way to improve a particular pond or other aquatic feature. Fortunately, choosing a suitable product never needs to be especially difficult.

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