Swaging: What Is It and Who Does It?

If word swager is unfamiliar to you, you are not alone. The term swager is not to be confused with swagger which is a cool or confident walk or a software framework. A swager is a special tool that is used to swage or crimp aluminum fittings. It transforms metal by bending and reshaping it into the desired form. Using extreme pressure or hammering, a swager can add ridges or grooves completely changing the shape of the metal. This is a process that is common in blacksmith or metalwork but it is used in other areas too. Because it changes the shape of the metal, swaging is an effective way to create a permanent connection. Swaging can be done both cold and hot.


Swages were tools commonly used by blacksmiths to add decorative features to their work. The term swage actually comes from a French word (souage) that means decorative molding or groove. With time, this process evolved and became a tool used in numerous industries.

Pipe Fittings

Swaging is a common process in pipe fitting. When a fitting needs to be attached to a pipe, a hand swager tool is used to exert extreme force creating a permanent joint.

Car Design

Car design often aims for a sleek and smooth look. Swaging is used to join two panels together so they appear to overlap seamlessly. 


From cars to humans, swaging is also a technique used by medical doctors. If a physician needs to suture an incision they can swage the thread to an eyeless needle to keep them joined together minimizing damage to the incision area. 

Lock Bolts

If a permanent, vibration resistant connection is needed, a lock bolt is used. The lock bolt consists of a pin and a collar and they are securely joined by swaging. This type of connection is frequently used in aerospace manufacturing.

We all come in contact with swaging in our everyday life without even knowing it. From the car we drive to the metal table we eat at, swaging is an important part of our day to day lives. 

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