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How to Hire a Residential Moving Company

Despite the huge number of people moving each year, not many have bad encounters. However, there are those who are scammed or encounter shoddy practices. You, therefore, have to select the best company. Here is a list of some tips you need to apply in order to choose the most suitable residential moving company.

Do not give huge deposits. Even if there are moving companies that need little deposits, some ask for too much. When one pays too much, they lose control regarding the delivery and condition of their items. After collecting huge deposits, the moving company may lose interest in the remaining amount hence not bothering itself with what state your move is delivered. Paying small deposits makes the moving company do its best to deliver your move promptly and in its right condition so it can get the remaining amount.

Check the reputation. A major element determining how much you pay is how much space your belongings will occupy in the vehicle as well as its weight. A reputable moving company will take a comprehensive list of your move to determine its bulkiness and weight. Also, the company will have all that is needed to ensure your move is delivered in its correct state and at the agreed time.

You should request for a walk-through. An estimator who walks quickly through without taking note of what you want to move is off the mark. A suitable estimator asks questions concerning what you want to move from your current home to the next home. This way, the moving company can know the equipment your move needs. Also, they avoid charging for items you will leave behind, sell, donate to charity or give away.

Consider a moving company with adequate insurance. When they are packing, unpacking, loading, offloading and transporting your goods, movers can damage your goods. Also, the people doing the work can be injured. If a mover is not sufficiently insured, you can be sued to reinstate those who get injured. Moreover, they offer no compensation for the broken or lost items. To be safe, check a moving company’s insurance to ascertain it is valid.

Beware of extra fees. Are you moving or do you live in a two-story house? Are you moving from or to a 10th-floor apartment? If this is so, movers will have to negotiate elevators and stairs hence charging more. Will the company use a narrow street that cannot fit a moving van? The company will shift your items to a smaller truck hence demanding for more money. Knowing about extra fees will avoid your frustrations.

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