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Understanding What Happens after Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is a top cause of accidents on the roads. To curb the rate of accidents due to drunk driving, most states have severe penalties on persons arrested for driving under the influence. Even though there has been a substantial reduction of accidents caused by drunk driving, there is much more to be done as DUI is the number one cause of accidents on the roads. Most victims of drunk driving do not know what to do or their rights in such incidents. At the time of the accident, you might be confused about your next action, but you can reduce the confusion if you know a few things about drunk driving accidents in advance.

Alcohol affects the functioning of the central nervous system, and thus, it adversely affects the operations of the brain, memory, and movements. When drunk, it would be risky to operate any machinery including vehicles. The effects of alcohol on the body worsen as you increase alcohol intake. Blood alcohol concentration in the body is measured using a Breathalyzer. Even without the Breathalyzer, a police officer can identify a drunk driver by monitoring how he drives, and the outstanding pointers are erratic braking, swerving and making wrong turns.

Usually, the authorities start investigation drunk driving at the scene of the accident, or they might interrogate you when in custody. First, they measure the blood alcohol concentration, and if it is beyond the recommended level, then you will be charged. If there were no injury, the driver would be charged and held until he is sober and then released on bail pending a trial at a later date. The possible penalties of DUI without injury might be; driving license suspension of a period, alcohol and drug abuse rehab or setting a Breathalyzer in your car which measures your sobriety level before you start the car.

If there were casualties during the DUI accident, then you should expect tough penalties. Suppose you are the only one injured, you will be charged with usual DUI, but if there is another casualty such as a pedestrian or motorist, the charge will be DUI causing injury. If the accident caused death, then the charge might be vehicular manslaughter, gross vehicular manslaughter or DUI murder.

If you are guilty of DUI, you will be penalized, and the severity of the penalty varies depending on the injuries, deaths, and damage to property. Different sentences are available for DUI offense, and they might be minor or major. Depending on the accident, your insurance company might choose to cover it or not, and that is determined by the type of insurance and the policy. If the insurance company establishes that the DUI accident was intentional, you will not receive the compensation.

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